Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland Decal Collection

Nail Art by Nikasnaughtynails

This amazing Alice in Wonderland Mani is done by Nika @nikasnaughtynails on Instagram - Wonderful name and I promise we are not affiliated in any way ;) Although maybe we should be, I love her nails and her nail art is perfect.

Here she has used our WONDERLAND Decals from our Alice in Wonderland Collection. They are a transparent full cover water decal.

This Decal needs to be placed over a light polish and always make sure all airbubbles are out of the decal before applying a top coat. This helps to  prevent tears or holes when you apply the top coat.

You can purchase this decal here: WONDERLAND Alice in Wonderland Decals

Thank you @nikasnaughtynails, we love showcasing you art!

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