Anzac Day

Each Year during the month of April (For the current year)

Naughty Nails will contribute 10% of sales of the below decals to the Anzac Appeal

Terms and Conditions

Naughty Nails is not affiliated with the Anzac Appeal. Donation to this particular charity is at our own unbiased discretion. Donation is solely from Naughty Nails. You, as a customer are not purchasing a decal and giving to Charity. This donation is coming from Naughty Nails Australia as percentage of the sales described and made during the timeframe listed below:

Each Year from the 1st of April 00:00 AEST through to the 30th of April 23:59 AEST for that year only

For All sales of Poppy decals that are listed on this page Naughty Nails will contribute 10% to the Anzac Appeal.

Example 100 x $3.50 Poppy Decals Sold = $350, $35 will be donated to the Anzac Appeal

Anzac Appeal at


Donation will be made on the 1st of May.

This Page will include a Thankyou/receipt of the donation for that year once Donation has been made.

Full sales Records of these particular decals for the dates specified are available to the public upon request.

We thank you all for your support.