Single Image Decal Tutorial

1) Paint your nails with a Light Background Polish, White works best but they can look amazing on a variety of colours.

2) Cut out your nail decals with scissors so you have the image without too much border around it.

3) Grab your decal with tweezers and submerge it in water.  Hold the decal under the surface of the water for up to 30 seconds. You can also let it rest on the top. The decal will curl slightly whilst in the water. When they are soft enough they will straighen out between your fingers

4) Remove your decal from the water and it should easily slide off of the paper backing. Try to grip the decal between your pointer and thumb fingers and it should slide right off the backing.  If the decal does not slip off when you do this then that means you didn’t submerge it long enough.  Simply dunk the decal for a few more seconds and try again.  When it’s ready it will slide right off the paper with barely any pressure.

5)  Place the decal on your nail.  You’ll see that it’s not too sticky so you’ll have time to slide it around on your nail until you find the right spot.

6) After finding the perfect position for you apply some light pressure to help squeeze out any water that may be under the decal. Dab with paper towel to help soak up any excess water. Be gentle, our decals are thin and flexible to suit your nail shape, too much pulling may split your image. Your decal may not adhere straight away but give it some time and it will stick.

7) Leave the nail you just worked on and proceed to apply the rest of your nail decals (If you are not comfortable working around the decals you just applied you can do the next 2 steps first then proceed with the rest of your nails.

8) Apply a thin layer of good quality top coat to the whole nail. Be quick and steady, three strokes MAX to the image otherwise you may cause your image ink to run.

9) Allow to dry completely and then apply a second top coat.

Your done! Enjoy your gorgeous Naughty Nails Decals!


If you have any water left over or air bubbles you will see these after you topcoat - Try to make sure you have no excess water left over or airbubbles for a smooth finish.

Apply a new layer of top coat every day or so to keep your decals lasting and remember to cap the end of your nail with top coat - They can last up to 4 weeks with the right care.

Any decal that is overhanging on your cuticles or sides will cause your product to lift. try to keep the image inside of your nail bed so that it gets sealed in.