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Embark on your Naughty Nails journey today and start making your dreams a reality!


Once you begin your path to success you'll receive a wealth of business tools, one of the best compensation plans in the industry, online resources, and all kinds of support customized for you and your individual business.

The Consultant discount system

10 - 30 items - 10% Off
30 - 50 Items - 25% Off
50 and Above - 30% Off

Sell items at the RRP to earn a massive commission on your sales.
With all your orders, we will send you gift bags to put your customers orders in.
You will get unlimited support via facebook
The more you sell the more rewards you get. There are milestones (And freebies) to unlock within your account.
Reach the 1000k Like Milestone to get featured in our newsletter - with currently 20k Subscribers
You also get access to the "Create a Custom Decal" Product which you can promote to your customers.

You can sell via any channel you like but it is recommended to create a facebook group called Naughty Nails with "Your Name"

You can use all the photos from our site on your page. You can direct customers to our website to browse if you like but make it so they will get a special offer if they purchase through you.

You can purchase our Consultant Starter pack here Sell with Naughty Nails Australia
The starter pack consists of:
Startup Guide
10 Decals
Decal Application Kit
Detailed Instructions
A personalised catalogue of all our decals
Order Forms to keep track of your customers orders
Ongoing Support
Early access to our new products