Nail Tip Preparation for Clients

Author: Teena Sanders   Date Posted:24 November 2015 

Firstly the preparation of the nail is a very important part of the process and can sometimes get rushed or overlooked altogether. In order to get a good quality nail extension or healthy natural nail, this process is crucial, as is the order in which you do it. You should have learned this on your nail technician course but here are some steps to follow and what to look out for.

  • Completed a full client consultation, to determine the requirements of the client. (always get them to sign this)
  • Wipe over each nail, as you do this look at each one checking for contraindications making a note if you find any, and treat accordingly. If there is any polish on remove it, there should be no sign of polish left.
  • Apply a cuticle remover to each nail and rub in, gently push the cuticles back. (This shouldn’t be a painful process for the client so ask them if the pressure is okay, but you need to ensure you get all the dead skin and cuticle of the nail before you begin because any left will cause product lifting,)
  • When all cuticles are pushed back wipe of the excess with a clean lint free wipe (always use lint free to prevent fluff sticking to the nail)
  • Now shape the free edge of the nail taking them all to the same length, there is no point leaving some longer than others, as this will impact on the effect of the finished result.
  • Now with a buffing block etch the surface of the nail, pull the block towards you so it goes in the direction the nail grows, this won’t damage the nail as it is only a very fine grit, get right into the side walls and around the cuticle area of the nail, there should be no visible shiny bits left.
  • Dust off with a nail brush and wipe over with a cleanse or an acetone to pull all the oil and remaining dust of the nail, do this till the nail squeaks, it should go white and cloudy when properly dehydrated, (if the client has particularly oily nails you may need to go over them again)
  • The nails are now prepped and ready for tip application.


  AT THIS POINT DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO TOUCH THE NAIL all this will do is transfer oil from your hand onto the clean, dehydrated nail plate which will result in product lifting. If you take your time to get the prep right you shouldn’t encounter too many problems, this process should be done with every client who is having nail extensions.


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